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Guiding groups and organizations to seek innovative and divergent solutions found within their members.
Innersee is an organization development and change management consulting firm that focuses on Employee Experience, Team and Group Development, Leadership, Culture Transformation, and Organizational Transition.

Our work is influenced by a diverse theoretical foundation and utilizes participant driven interactive experiential programming. InnerSee offers a range of published assessment and intervention tools to be utilized based on individual client needs and goals. Our consulting services and programs cover a wide range of content from our areas of focus, allowing our clients to experience custom designed interventions to meet the needs of the individual, the group or team, and the organization.

InnerSee is committed to building a more empathetic, cooperative and peaceful world by fostering reflection, awareness, and commitment to purposeful action in individuals, teams and organizations. We facilitate growth and development through exploration of the self and others, empowering our clients to become more aware, empathetic, cooperative, and purposeful.

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