Team and Group Development

Team and Group Development

Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Team
InnerSee has been delivering high quality team development programming in the Waterloo region for over 20 years. We offer dynamic, interactive and client driven experiences. By working with your team in an experiential learning setting, we draw from your own experiences and understanding to foster meaningful and relevant growth for individual participants and the team as a whole.


Off the Grid Challenge Course
Our 20 acre Challenge Course is the perfect place to enhance your team dynamics.

Brings the traditional scavenger hunt into the 21st Century.

Going Full Cycle
Combines social responsibility with team building.

Ship Wrecked
Requires integrated problem solving to get your team off a deserted island.

Space Mission
Use collaboration and precise communication to complete an out of this world mission.

Rube Goldberg Machine
Careful co-ordination, communication is required to effectively execute this domino effect challenge.

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The following assessments pair well with Team and Group development;

LifeStyles Indicator™
Gain clarity on your individual style of interaction.

Group Styles Inventory™
Discover insights into the effectiveness of your group dynamic.

Strength Deployment Inventory®
Improve your relationship awareness by discovering motivations when things are going well and when there is conflict.

Influence Style Indicator®
Measure an individual’s preferred style as they influence others.

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