Open Enrollment Workshops Package

Open Enrollment Workshops

InnerSee Offers Open Enrolment Courses on a regular basis. Check our list of offerings and our calendar for upcoming program dates.

Youth Leadership Training – 1 Week Program
Empowering future leaders through fun outdoor experiential activities. Participants will gain the skills to listen actively, empower others, advocate for themselves and develop strengths to be able to lead with more confidence at school, on the sports field, or as they prepare to enter the workforce. For ages 10 – 17. Starting in July, these week long courses take place at our Mapleton Township or Cambridge locations.

Leadership Discovery – 1 Day Program
This is an interactive workshop that uses the Leadership WorkStyles Inventory™ tool to enhance participants’ understanding of the thinking and behavioural styles that affect a managers ability to lead. Research has shown that the LWS™ results are closely linked to managerial effectiveness, decision making effectiveness, interpersonal skills, stress levels, and even improved overall health. Participants to leave this workshop with a clear understanding of their behavioural style and an action plan for higher performance.

Personal Strengths – 2 Day Program
Using the TotalSDI® assessment tool, participants will have the opportunity to apply a powerful and effective tool for understanding the motives and values that drive behaviours. The SDI is a “dual-state instrument,” meaning it shows the degree and nature of changes from the things-are-going-well state to the conflict state. The second day of this program will map the Personal Strengths of each individual. By understanding where our strengths lie in relation to the motivational styles learned in day one, participants will leave with a well rounded understanding of themselves and others.

Jumpstart your Path to Effective Leadership – 3 Day Program
Over the course of three days, you will explore various aspects of your leadership style using several Human Synergistics® tools and experientially based programming. Beginning with your Life Style Indicator™, you will become more aware of effective styles versus less effective styles and become familiar with the Human Synergistics® Circumplex™. On day two, the Leadership WorkStyles™ will be used to examine your style as a leader to determine where gaps might be in terms of effectiveness. The final day of learning moves to the culture of your organization with the Organizational Culture Inventory™. This provides powerful insights into the culture of your workforce.

Boost Your Ability to Influence – 1 Day Program
Influence Style Indicator™ is a leadership assessment designed to measure an individual’s preferred styles as they influence others. The online assessment provides individuals with a personalized feedback report based on their unique preferences. In this interactive workshop, participants will leave with a solid understanding of when their personal style is best used and what the potential pitfalls may be. In addition, they can improve their ability to connect with others using a variety of influencing styles and be able to identify others’ preferred styles.

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