Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Developing leadership skills at all levels of your organization is an important component to high performance. Investing in leadership development will positively impact virtually all aspects of your business. InnerSee offers a range of services aimed at increasing leadership capabilities through tested assessments and targeted programming. In addition, our certified and highly trained Leadership coaches provide one on one or group coaching services and in depth 360 feedback.


Leadership Discovery
Enhance participants’ understanding of the thinking and behavioural styles that affect a managers ability to lead.

Leadership Modules:
Building a Management Toolkit, Thinking Like a Leader, Impacting Culture
Designed for managers from all industries and levels. It is comprised of three, action packed two-day modules


InnerSee staff are trained and certified in the following assessments aimed at increasing leadership effectiveness.

Leadership WorkStyles Indicator™
Assess your leadership style and create an action plan from improved effectiveness.

Leadership Impact™
Explore the impact your leadership style has on your employees.

Management Impact™
Explore the impact your management style has on your employees.

Leadership Development

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