Q: What is the Challenge Course?

A: Our 20 acre Challenge Course includes a number of built in problem solving challenges that require a group effort to complete. It is not a high-ropes course or boot-camp challenge. The elements on the course are designed for team and group development in an outdoor setting.

Q: What is an initiative or problem solving element?

A: An initiative or element is a problem solving challenge on our Challenge Course. These are built into the ground and require a group to complete.

Q: What is a portable element?

A: These are initiatives or elements that are on the Challenge Course, but can also be done at your own venue. We can bring many of the challenges to you.

Q: What should I wear on the Challenge Course?

A: Lots of layers, comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes. Hats are also recommended. Even on cloudy days, sunburns are common. The weather on the Challenge Course can vary. It can often feel several degrees cooler in the early morning to the afternoon. The breeze from the river can also surprisingly impact the temperature.

Q: Can I participate if I have injuries or physical limitations?

A: Yes. We operate under the philosophy of Challenge by choice, meaning that participants can find the level of participation that they are capable of. We have several on-site vehicles that can be used to transport participants to the elements if it is required.

Q: What happens if it rains or the weather is bad?

A: Programs on the Challenge Course will run rain or shine. Unless it is calling for extreme weather or thunderstorms, we try our best to run according to plan. If we need to cancel due to inclement weather, we try our best to give 24hours notice. In addition, we will schedule rain dates in the event that weather does not permit us to use the course.

Q: What is a debrief?

A: After each challenge is completed, trained facilitators will debrief the experience with the group. Specific questions will be asked about how the group did in accomplishing the task, what team dynamics surfaced and how this applies to the work context. We work very hard to ensure that topics and debrief are relevant to your business context.

Q: Will my group get to do all of the elements on the course?

A: Typically groups complete up to 5 elements in a day on the course. Time for debriefing each challenge and lunch is included in the overall timeline. We work with our clients to choose challenges and programming that will highlight their business issues and relevant areas of focus. Therefore, most groups do not get to do all of the available elements in one day.

Q: Is it really physically challenging?

A: While there is a lot of walking involved with the course, most of the elements do not require extreme physical exertion. It is not a high-ropes course or boot-camp challenge, but elements are designed with group effort in mind.

Q: Are we up off the ground?

A: There are a few elements that require participants to be a few feet off the ground, but in general, most of the challenges are built right into the ground and do not require any elevation.

Q: What amenities/facilities are available?

A: The challenge course is off-the-grid. There are two cedar out-houses with flushable toilets and two hand-washing stations on site. Additional port-a-potties are brought in as needed. Bottled water filling stations are also on site for participants to re-fill their water bottles.

Q: Is lunch provided?

A: As there are no eating establishments in close proximity to the Challenge Course, InnerSee has several vendors that we work with to provide lunch on the course. Should the client wish to arrange their own food, that is also an option.

Q: How do we get there?

A: Directions to the course can be found on our website at; https://www.innersee.com/challenge-course/

Q: Is there cellphone reception?

A: Depending on the cell phone provider, cellular service is available on the course. However, it is not always dependable. InnerSee ensures that that staff have access for emergency purposes.

Q: Do I have to sign a health and waiver form?

A: Yes. They are available to fill in online ahead of the program date on our website.

Q: Do I have to sign a health and waiver form even if I’m on the Challenge Course, but not participating?

A: Yes. Anyone on the Challenge Course needs to sign a health and waiver form for insurance purposes.

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