Bio Brent Ruge

Brent Ruge

Senior Project Consultant / Platform Development

Brent has extensive experience with employee surveys, with over 20 years of consulting in all aspects of survey design, execution, analysis, insights, recommendations, and follow-up change management. He understands that sound measurement is essential to making accurate business decisions for change, but also that measurements and insights are only the first steps in a comprehensive change program that follows after the survey is concluded.

As a former regional director and market leader of a 35-person survey and Research team, Brent has deep experience in employee engagement, customer engagement, change management, organisational development, and leadership development across North American, Asian, Middle Eastern, African and European business environments. Brent has helped dozens of companies to measure and improve upon their employees’ and customers’ engagement.

State University of New York at Albany (SUNY): Ph.D. in Business Management (specializing in Organizational Studies) University of California at Santa Barbara: Bachelor’s in Psychology.

Brent Ruge

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