Assessment Tools Package

Assessment Tools

InnerSee staff are trained and certified in the following assessments aimed at increasing personal awareness and leadership effectiveness.

Strength Deployment Inventory® – improve your relationship awareness by discovering motivations when things are going well and when there is conflict.
Lifestyles Inventory™ – gain clarity on your individual style of interaction.
Group Styles Inventory™ – discover insights into the effectiveness of your group dynamic.
Leadership Workstyles™ – assess your leadership style and create an action plan from improved effectiveness.
Leadership and Management Impact™ – explore the impact your leadership or management style has on your employees.
Organizational Culture Inventory™ – examine the ideal versus actual culture of your organization.
Influence Style Indicator® – measure an individual’s preferred style as they influence others.
Change Style Indicator® – assess an individual’s preferred style in handling change.

When paired with any of InnerSee’s programming, assessment tools enhance the learning on an individual, and organizational level. These tools lead to greater self awareness for individuals and organizations. Our assessments provide clarity and allow people to identify their strengths and areas of improvement. Once these areas are identified, decisions can then be made on how to most effectively address them.

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