RECONNECT at our Challenge Course

RECONNECT at our Challenge Course

With the warm weather and loosening COVID-19 restrictions, it’s time to RECONNECT with your associates.

Innersee Initiatives is reopening our Challenge Course location, offering various team and group development program opportunities that cater to collaboration and team-building skills needed inside and outside of the workplace. 

The site itself is located along the Conestogo river, housing 15 acres of wide open space fit to easily accommodate all social distancing requirements while still offering hands-on application of work and life skills. 

Our experiential programs help boost team morale in order to further cement the shared identity of a team. By placing themselves in a different environment, team members are able to step outside normal roles and push themselves to experience and overcome challenges that are fun and educational.

These programs are designed to creates experiences that allow groups to work together to achieve a shared objective where the overall goal is to become a high performing team. It is a fun and refreshing opportunity to reconnect both with yourself and your associates while adapting the experience to workplace situations and challenges.

This outdoor space provides a safe environment for your associates to re-engage as they start the transition back into an office environment. For more information on expanding your horizons with Innersee’s Challenge Course, contact us at

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