Empathy Training

The Empathy Toy: where work meets play

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is a proverb that accurately describes an ongoing concern in the workplace as a whole. It’s time to make room for improvement. Innersee is now offering an online team-building experience that will benefit you and your team members from work or home – and the best part is, it’s fun!

This virtual exercise relates many business models and work types to something as simple as playing a game. By engaging in learning through play, we can help teams to understand empathy, leadership roles, and the importance of coming up with a strategy in order to work together more effectively. These games are organized in a way to be fun and to encourage conversation and understanding surrounding the importance of empathy in the workplace.

“The research shows there is no other single leadership skill that is more important and yet, in today’s culture, empathy is near extinction. I believe it is one of the most dangerous global trends of our time.” Richard S. Wellins, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, DDI.

Empathy is one of the core elements for internal and external successes. In order to connect with people at the human level, we need to be able to understand the perspectives, emotions, and motivations of others. Fortunately, actually practicing empathetic skills can change our brains in ways the allow us to be more empathetic.

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The Empathy Toy
This toy unlocks insights for improved performance, smoother collaboration, and more authentic employee engagement! Participants must work in teams, and the only way they are going to be successful is to practice being empathetic with one another. This toy allows participants to really understand and share what their teammates are experiencing, developing skills that can be brought into their work and personal lives.

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