Caregiving Responsibilities

Caregiving Responsibilities

With COVID-19 still prevalent in the community, it can be a struggle to balance the changes to your regular work-life and home-life routine and schedule. Will I be able to manage my caregiving responsibilities?

Take the time to consider the following unexpected schedule changes from your employees in order to keep workplace motivation and optimism up as your company tackles returning to work:

  • Children who are typically enrolled in daycare settings will be required to stay home until lockdown lifts. This may add unexpected pressure to employees to adjust their regular routines to compensate.
  • Mental health is always a worry and feelings of stress and anxiety may be heightened during this time. Ensure that you and your employees are practicing self-care and kindness to oneself while balancing work and home.
  • Your employees may be concerned and worried about their sick or elderly family members and may need to rearrange schedules to accommodate sudden changes in accessibility for visits or doctor’s appointments. 
  • Accepting that you don’t know how long physical distancing measures will last will help alleviate stress. Focus on connecting by phone and encourage communication both in the workplace and at home.

As work reopens, a Targeted Engagement Survey can help you evaluate your employees’ questions and concerns to make sure you align the needs of your workforce with the priorities of your company’s goals.

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