Striking a Life-Work Balance

Striking a Life-Work Balance

Many organizations are beginning to return to work, and with that comes organizational changes in the workforce. Striking a life-work balance as we transition back to work can be complicated. Will I get the support I need to adapt to organizational changes?

It is important to keep the following in mind to keep on top of these obstacles as your company tackles returning to work:

  • Ask for employee input about the changes that will be made in order to alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • Empower employees to stop work or seek additional accommodations after work has resumed.
  • Ensure that managers are aware of potential changes in employees’ home situations including having children transition to schooling at home, or caring for elderly parents.
  • Before reopening work, ensure that the local environment doesn’t have transportation issues such as closed trains or buses.

As work reopens, a Targeted Engagement Survey can help you evaluate your employees’ questions and concerns to make sure you align the needs of your workforce with the priorities of your company’s goals.

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