Keeping Remote Teams Engaged


Keeping Remote Teams Engaged

Due to the current global situation, businesses have undergone massive changes in the workplace to maintain productivity, efficiency, and minimal work disruption. This has caused thousands of companies to transition to working from home or remotely, and due to the many distractions of working outside the office and the distance from work, the question has been asked: How do I keep employees engaged and productive? 

We have some suggestions that can help keep your employees engaged and optimistic:

Regular Team Meetings: your employees need reassurance that they are being kept updated and included during this time. Having regular catch-up meetings via videoconferencing, phone call, or other means of keeping in touch, will be beneficial to team morale and work ethic and remind team members that their input is being heard or seen, and the work they are putting in matters for the team, department and organization.

Goals: goals keep employees focused and on-task which will help with motivation and optimism. Keep your employees continuously updated on team performance against goals and challenge team members to help solve problems regarding these goals. By maintaining healthy goals and ensuring there is sufficient communication, companies can continue to meet their desired targets.

One-on-One Engagement: ensure that you have one-on-one video/phone calls with each team member on a bi-weekly basis or as often as need be. You can use this time to ask questions and encourage individuals to share and problem-solve. By doing this, you remind your employees that they are important and valued members of the team while working from home.

Get Feedback From Employees: while it is important to make your employees feel heard, it is important to truly be listening. Hearing concerns and constructive feedback from your employees current work situation can help you decide where the work needs to be put in to improve employee work-life and overall productivity and engagement.  

Innersee has an Employee Engagement Survey which is designed to get this feedback from employees in an organized manner, helping you align the needs of your workforce with the priorities of your company’s goals and work/performance expectations. 

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